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Don’t miss out on WeCel’s 35% off sale on Premium CBD! THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Oil products which are the best option for professionals. In other words, you want all the health benefits of CBD and maintain absolutely zero THC levels in your system. Above all you’ll be able to pass any work-related drug tests.

WelCel has THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Oil products. They contain the same three key ingredients and enhanced entourage effect found in Dr. Lisa’s unique physician formulated Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Except all of the THC has been completely removed and don’t forget about the 35% off on Premium CBD sale!

WelCel created the THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Oil products as part of our commitment to honor all who serve our country and the community.

Whether you are a teacher inspiring the next generation, a medical worker caring for the sick, a first responder showing up in an emergency, or those in the military protecting our freedom, WelCel is proud to offer a 25% discount to all who wake up every day to serve others.

Don’t tell anyone but... your verified service discount code will increase your savings on your first month’s subscription. Plus, while everyone else saves 15% on their monthly subscription, you’ll be saving 25% every month.

WelCel service discounts for Military, First Responders, Educators and Medical personnel require verified eligibility. Codes are unique and valid for one purchase only. For future purchases, you will need a fresh code. Limit 1 use per customer per 24 hours. Sharing your discount code, or harvesting codes is strictly permitted. Cannot be used on product bundles.

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