Origins of Covid-19 Revealed! It’s Horrifying!!!

Origins of Covid-19 Revealed

Bombshell! Origins of Covid-19 Revealed! It’s Horrifying!!!

Learn How a Good Doctor Uncovered “The Crime of The Century”!

This Information Will Shock You to Your Core.

Origins of Covid-19 Revealed! It’s Horrifying!!!

There is a wicked group of people behind the “Crime of the Century”.

Dr. Bryan Ardis

Needless to say, the population of the planet has been traumatized. Dr. Ardis has conducted extensive research on the origins of Covid-19. Dr. Bryan Ardis is a true blue patriot and humanitarian. He has literally risked his life to get this information out to the public. Ann Vandersteel of the Steel Truth podcast recently interviewed Dr. Bryan Ardis. He went into detail about how big pharma planned out this pandemic long ago. The MSM has not covered this on-going human genocide taking place right under our very noses.

Most importantly, Dr. Ardis received a text message from Dr. Bartlett that helped Dr. Ardis find the origins of Covid-19 revealed. The text message stated ‘If you were bit by a poisonous snake, would you take anti-venom’? Dr. Ardis decided to look into his colleague’s out of the blue text. Upon conducting some investigative work, Dr. Ardis linked Covid-19 symptom’s with poisonous snake venom sickness. Dr. Ardis checked patent filings and other sources to verify his poisoning of the population documentation.

When someone is admitted to a hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19, they are typically prescribed an experimental drug named Remdesivir to fight a lower respiratory tract infection. The only problem with Remdesivir is was not put through enough trials and has a 53.1% mortality rate.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the interview with Dr. Ardis via the link below and decide for yourself.

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